Exterior Siding Installation & Repair in Dallas, McKinney & Fort Worth

Siding Installation Dallas TX

Paradigm Roofing is here to protect your home from every angle, and proper siding installation plays a big part in that. Allow our professional siding experts to inspect your current siding to see whether or not your home is in need of updated protection. We are certified installers in CertainTeed’s Master Craftsman Program for polymer siding. You can rest easy knowing that your exterior siding and your home are in the very best of hands.

Siding Options

When dealing with Paradigm Roofing, you will always have several options to choose from in order that you might find the best fit for you, your home and your budget. Current options that we offer for siding installation include:

Siding Installation Cost

When it comes to the siding installation cost, it’s not always easy to determine exactly what your final total will be. The cost will depend on the type of siding you choose, how much siding you need for your home, and how long it will take to do the installation.

Metal siding looks sleek and modern, and it is low maintenance. The extra time it requires to install, however, means that it will cost more. Wood siding looks natural and beautiful, but it isn’t fireproof and it can become infested with bugs and termites. However, it is easy to install, which cuts down on installation time.

Whatever your option, you can expect only the best siding installation quality from Paradigm Roofing.

Siding Types

As of right now, there are 5 primary types of siding available to a homeowner: brick, fiber cement, cedar, wood and stone. The 2 most common across the nation, however, remain wood and fiber cement. Each has their own appearance, unique style, and uses. Also, each one requires their own methods for maintenance, installation, and general care over the years.

Wood is the most unique and beautiful of siding, but it also requires more diligence by the homeowner. Fiber cement, on the other hand, is almost maintenance free – not completely, but almost. You need to inspect the cement siding on a regular basis to ensure insects, fungus, or rain has not worn down the siding.

Siding Repair

Your siding has been installed by a trained professional and your home looks incredible, but what happens a few years from now when the siding requires some repairs to keep its appearance and durability?

There are a few steps to take when repairing your siding:

  • Inspect – You should carefully inspect your siding every six months or so to ensure the weather has not worn out or torn apart the siding on your home. Moisture, expanding, and even contracting can cause a lot of damage to a home when you’re not paying attention.
  • Painting – Over time, your siding’s paint may begin to chip away from the harsh weather. This is going to happen at one or another, unfortunately. Every two years, homeowners should apply a new coat of paint.
  • Cleaning – If you have mildew or dirt on your siding, using a bit of warm, soapy water can remove such unwanted guests and offer a new shine.

Our Qualifications

In addition to our Master Craftsman credentials, Paradigm Roofing is registered as a Shingle Quality Specialist. We are also a GAF Certified Weather Stopping Roofing Contractor as well as proud members of the Roofing Contractors Association of Texas.

In addition to our certifications and industry credentials, all of our work is insured and all of our roofing, siding and shingle work are bonded for your peace of mind. Before our workers are allowed to handle your siding installation, we make sure that they have been properly trained and are up-to-date on the latest industry standards in order that we can always be sure that we are using the latest techniques and industry technology.

If you would like more information about what kind of exterior siding is ideal for your home, give Paradigm Roofing a call today at 972-542-7774.


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