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If you’re looking for roofing repair services in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, trust Paradigm Roofing to provide you with quality repairs, whether it’s an emergency or simply time for a little upkeep. Our roofing team will work with you to determine the extent of the work needed and a timeline, then provide repairs wherever necessary.

If you find a leak in your roof, it’s imperative to seek professional repairs as soon as possible. Roof leaks can lead to water damage, mold and a host of other costly and inconvenient issues if left unrepaired.

To schedule roofing repair services in McKinney, Dallas and Fort Worth and the surrounding areas, contact Paradigm Roofing today.

As the most commonly used roofing material for repairs and new installation, asphalt shingles are an affordable, reliable roofing option for homeowners in McKinney and the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. With many different types to choose from, asphalt shingles can be selected to fit the specific needs of your home depending on style, climate, price or other factors.

The main types of asphalt shingles include large individual shingles, strip shingles, interlocking shingles and laminated shingles, which vary in appearance and potential to withstand weather.

To learn more about how asphalt shingles can benefit your home, contact Paradigm Roofing today.

Metal Roofing has become an increasingly popular choice for homeowners in Dallas-Fort Worth looking to upgrade their roofing materials both aesthetically and functionally. Some benefits of metal roofing include increased longevity and durability, which in turn means minimal maintenance is required. Metal roofs are also fireproof, and when the time comes to finally replace, metal roofs are fully recyclable.

With multiple style options available including standing seam panels, metal shingles and corrugated metal panels, many homeowners can find a metal roofing option to fit the specific needs of their home.

Contact Paradigm Roofing today to find the best metal roofing option for your home.

Slate and tile roofing materials are a top choice for DFW homeowners searching for an incredibly durable roofing option. Slate and tile roofs are known as “lifetime roofing choices,” and, with proper maintenance, can last between 50-100 years.

Slate and tile roofing is also energy efficient, aiding in ventilation to reduce energy costs and increase the lifespan of the roof itself.

Many people are also drawn to the appearance of slate and tile roofing, as it is an aesthetically pleasing option for homeowners looking to increase the curb appeal of their home.

For more information about slate and tile roofing options, contact Paradigm Roofing today.

Siding plays an important role by protecting your home from weather, but can also be used to upgrade the aesthetics of your residence. With multiple options available, homeowners can choose between siding materials like wood and fiber cement to determine the best siding fit for their home.

To keep siding in top shape, it’s important to note that regular maintenance and repair by a trained professional is necessary. Maintenance may include inspection, painting and cleaning to ensure optimal function and appearance in your home’s siding.

For siding repair and installation services in Dallas-Fort Worth, contact the experts at Paradigm Roofing.

Ventilation is an often overlooked, yet important aspect of your home’s roofing system. Without proper ventilation during a hot Dallas summer, your home’s temperatures can skyrocket, causing damage including warping and cracking, higher energy costs, and premature aging of roofing materials.

A professional can ensure the ventilation in your attic is appropriate and can make any changes necessary to prevent damage and keep your roofing system operating in top condition.

For expert ventilation services in McKinney and the surrounding areas, trust the team Paradigm Roofing to handle the job.

Your home may contain a top of the line HVAC system, but without proper insulation, you’ll see higher energy costs and reduced efficiency in your system.

With multiple options for insulation available, including insulation radiant barrier, spray foam and blown in insulation, deciding on the best fit for your home can be a confusing and tedious process. A professional can help you determine which option will offer optimal performance in your home.

If you feel your insulation isn’t up to par, contact the experts at Paradigm Roofing in Dallas-Fort Worth to schedule an inspection. The Paradigm team can determine whether the insulation in your home needs to be repaired or replaced, and will provide you with affordable, efficient service.

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If you have leaks or other roofing problems, let our Dallas roofers be the solution.

Paradigm Roofing is one of the most trusted commercial and residential roofing contractors in the DFW area. Our roofing company offers quality residential and commercial roofing installation, repair, and maintenance. We utilize the finest roofing materials on the market to provide first-class interior and exterior service.

Paradigm Roofing is a division of Paradigm Design and Construction LLC and is a registered builder with the Texas Association of Builders. Locally owned for more than three decades, our contractors provide all kinds of services, from asphalt shingle repair to tile and metal roofing to gutter installation. Our trained professionals believe in and practice our business’s mission: “Provide the customer with a quality craftsmanship and customer service like no other company.”

Why Let Paradigm Repair Your Roof?

Paradigm Roofing lives by the motto: “Built with quality, integrity and service.” When installing or repairing a roof, either residentially or commercially, our goal is more than just protecting your property from the elements. We want to provide you with a roof over your head that protects your home or business, and is something you can depend on for years to come.

With each and every home or building we work on, we want to provide a roof that will not only enhance the overall beauty but also increase the value of your property. Whether you are looking for a composite roof or ways to increase your home’s energy efficiency, we can help you with solutions that will make your experience gratifying and memorable.

Roofing Insurance

Often times, working on your roof means working with an insurance company. If you’re wondering, “does my homeowners insurance cover roof leaks?” or how to get insurance to pay for roof replacements, we can work with you to help the process along.

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