Roof Gutters and Downspouts in Dallas, McKinney & Fort Worth

Roof Gutters Dallas McKinney TXWhen you would like to extend the life of your roof, regular roof maintenance is key. However, you also have to have the right gutter systems and downspout diverter. Paradigm Roofing specializes in installing high quality gutters and downspout diverters in Dallas homes and commercial buildings. The correct gutters and downspouts are necessary to guiding harmful moisture away from your home’s roofing. This is often an overlooked area of roofing. Make sure you have a professional roofing company take care of the installation. We would be happy to help at Paradigm Roofing.


Since our doors first opened, Paradigm Roofs has been faithfully installing new gutter systems and downspouts for homeowners. Our professional installers use the proper tools and training to ensure that they meet the exact specifications of your new gutter system. The system itself must match your home’s exact dimensions; otherwise, the entire gutter system will be useless.

A professionally installed gutter system and accompanying downspouts can last for 20-30 years, although they may require some repairs and maintenance. Without a gutter system in place, excess water has no escape and will build up where it can. A proper gutter system will prevent water damage, mold or mildew growth, and costly repairs to your home’s roof. In addition to its functional benefits, a gutter system can enhance the beauty of your home. For effective and prompt work, turn to the professionals at Paradigm Roofs. Our work speaks for itself!

Purpose of Rain Gutters & Downspouts

The primary purpose of rain gutters and downspouts is to move excess water away from your home’s foundation or basement. Your gutters act as a conduit for rainfall. If your home lies on naturally downward-sloped land, proper drainage is the only way to avoid flood waters. Of course, as in most cases of household planning, you should consider both the benefits and the downsides of rain gutters and downspouts. The benefits are clear: these systems relocate excess water. However, homeowners often overlook the downsides, which include a near-constant need for maintenance and repairs. Maintenance is critical; many homeowners do not think to clean their gutters and downspouts, allowing them to clog. In order to keep the system working well, you must keep your gutter system clear of debris and fallen leaves.

Signs You Need Gutter Replacement

It is not hard to imagine your home as a living, breathing system; and just like a child or an animal, your home will give off telltale warning signs when something is not right. Your gutter system, for example, will show a few noticeable signs when it comes time for a replacement. As a homeowner, it is your job to notice these signs:

  • Cracks or Splits – Small cracks may not seem like a major problem, but these will soon turn into large splits.
  • Peeling Paint – The paint of your gutter was designed to withstand wear and tear over various seasons. If you notice peeling paint or orange flecks, you may be witnessing the beginning stages of rust formation.
  • Pools of Water – Your gutter system is designed to prevent water buildup around the home’s foundation. If you begin to notice pools of water or mildew forming near the foundation, your gutters are not working as they should.

Ways to Protect Your Gutters

You can use a variety of methods to protect your drain system and increase its lifespan. First, consider installing gutter guards to prevent debris and leaves from accumulating over time. Leaves will also often block the drainage system, so that water begins to form around your foundation. This water can cause leaks and rust accumulation. Before installing gutter guards, ensure the entire system is clean of all leaves and debris.

Second, you should clean your gutter system diligently and thoroughly, and perform proper maintenance on an annual basis. Plan to clean your gutter system at least once per year – twice if you have trees hanging over the house. After a big storm, make it a practice to remove the debris and leaves that inevitably accumulate in the gutters themselves. A clean system will operate more efficiently and prevent excess buildup from ruining the drainage system.

Importance of Water Drainage

Whenever it rains, it’s important that the runoff is caught by your gutters and disposed of away from your home. If the water is not properly drained, it can sit around your house, damaging your home’s foundation and washing away landscaping.

Other reasons that gutter systems are essential to proper water drainage include:

  • The prevention of basement flooding and the occurrence of mold
  • Crawl space flooding
  • Foundation cracking and settling
  • The prevention of concrete foundation degradation

If you do not install a downspout diverter, it can seriously affect the value of your home. Should your basement ever flood or should mold ever find its way into the lower level of your home, it can not only be incredibly expensive to fix but also detrimental to your health.

Sizing Gutters and Downspouts for Flat Roof

Are you attempting to correctly size your gutter systems and downspouts? First, you’ll need to select the proper materials for your roofing system. (A roofing professional can help with this.) Then, you’ll need to calculate the size of your gutter system. You will need to factor in both the size of your roof and your area’s estimated rainfall intensity. You should also calculate your roof’s watershed area; this will help determine the size of your gutters and downspouts.

Do you have a question about sizing gutters and downspouts for your flat roof? Don’t hesitate to contact Paradigm Roofing today to speak with one of our roofing experts!

Best Gutters and Downspouts

Are you considering installing a new gutter system? If so, you should first consider a few different factors! First of all, think about what size system you need. The size of your gutter system will depend on several things, including the size of your roof and whether trees overhang your house. Next, you should think about whether you’ll have your gutters and downspouts professionally installed or take on the installation as a DIY project. Finally, you can choose a specific kind of gutter. There are numerous types of gutters, including copper, sheet metal, and seamless.

Do you have a question about selecting the best gutters and downspouts for your home? Don’t hesitate to contact Paradigm Roofing today to speak with one of our roofing experts!

Gutters and Downspouts Cost

If you’re considering installing new gutters and downspouts, you’re likely caught up on one central issue: cost. Unfortunately, it’s nearly impossible to provide a broad, accurate estimate of gutter costs. Instead, you should have a professional roofing expert analyze your home’s needs and size.

Do you have a question about the cost of gutters and downspouts? Don’t hesitate to contact Paradigm Roofing today to speak with one of our roofing experts!

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