Roofing ShinglesYou’re looking to invest in your roof. Why wouldn’t you? The roof over your head is designed to protect you from the wind, rain, snow, and from unwanted pests. Furthermore, shingles have a certain aesthetic appeal. It’s the type of beauty that other types of roofing materials cannot match. In your search for the right roof, you’ve likely stumbled across 50-year roofing shingles. You’ve also likely asked yourself whether they truly last 50 years, right? Let’s break these fantastic shingles down.

50-Year Roofing Shingles

Now, you’ve heard of both 30-year and 50-year roofing shingles. One is obviously more expensive than the other. The 50-year shingles are said to provide extensive coverage for half a century. Is that true, though?

Well, it all depends on the area. Sure, many 50-year shingles can withstand the test of time. You may install these shingles on your home, endure the occasional thunderstorm but otherwise fair weather, and discover they truly last. Or, a hurricane could strike. Then, that investment in 50-year shingles was for naught.

Lastly, while still considering the environment, 50-year shingles are better suited to Texas than, say, Florida. The weather extremes make a huge difference.

30-Year vs. 50-Year Shingles

Almost every shingle on the market comes with a limited warranty. However, 30- and 50-year shingles provide further guarantees. A 30-year shingle is covered by the manufacturer for that time span, no matter the defect or issue that arises.

A 50-year shingle, however, utilizes tougher materials during the manufacturing process. This upgrade is immediately noticeable. Your 50-year roof will withstand freezing hail, strong winds, and sudden downpours. Such weather will take a toll, but with regular roofing maintenance, you can combat such damages with ease!

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