Is Wood Roofing Right for Your Home?

Is Wood Roofing Right for Your Home

Tired of seeing asphalt shingles everywhere you look? The cost and ease of installation of asphalt does make them popular, but nothing beats the elegance of a classic wood roof.

The Old Style

Wood roofs are typically seen on older homes, as the newer materials tend to be chosen for newer properties. The downside of wood roofs used to be, because they were wood, they were prone to catching fire, growing algae, and absorbing moisture. Chimneys and lightning strikes would cause roof-born fires that could spread to the rest of the house. Moisture and algae lead to the natural decomposition of the wood, and compiled with freezing weather, replacing shingles was a yearly expense.

Modern Wood

Now wood roofs are treated with chemical preservatives that prevent growth of algae, mold, moss, or mildew. Our cedar shakes and shingles are pressure treated to protect against moisture the construction of wood roofing allows for ample ventilation. At Paradigm Roofing, you can even choose between fire retardant treatments of either Class B, or Class A (for more extreme temperatures). Cedar itself is a natural pesticide and can prevent any creepy crawlies living around the top edges of your home.

Cedar Shingles

Our cedar shingles are machine-tapered with smooth surfaces giving your roof that clean and neat look, and can last up to 25 years. Our shakes are hand split, showing off the natural grains and texture, giving your house that rustic feel you desire and can keep their integrity for as many as 50 years! Our cedar shakes can also be specifically cut to different shapes of your choice including fish-scale or V-cut.

Both shingles and shakes come in a variety of color styles to choose from, ensuring that you are completely satisfied with your wood roof. For more information, call Paradigm Roofing at 972-542-7774 today!