Why Radiant Heat Barriers Keep Attics Warmer in Winter

Why Radiant Heat Barriers Keep Attics Warmer in Winter

Radiant heat barriers, also known as reflective insulation, are thermal insulation units that inhibit the transfer of heat through thermal radiation. Radiant heat is entirely invisible. In layman’s terms, it’s similar to a mirror, in that the sun’s light and heat is reflected outwards, away from the house. You may see the light, but you won’t feel the immense heat. Even though the air temperature is only slightly lower, your attic will feel significantly cooler. During the winter, the effects are opposite. The cold is kept outside, while your attic retains all heat from your furnace.

Preventing Heat Escape

In the winter, around 50 to 70% of heat escape is through the ceiling or roof. This heat is typically radiant heat. Therefore, a radiant barrier will provide important comfort and energy savings. The system is quickly installed in a household attic using numerous methods. The most common being a quick staple job to the rafters. Some homeowners prefer their heat barrier to be laid down over existing insulation for improved performance.

Reflecting Heat Inward

While preventing heat escape is one significant benefit, reflecting heat is far more useful to homeowners in the winter. Without proper insulation, your attic will naturally retain heat in the winter, or allow it to escape outwards. With a radiant heat barrier, the very same heat source is bounced back, further into your home. This heat then finds its way into your vents, providing increased comfort.

Recent studies have shown that a radiant heat barrier provides a 17% reduction in heat flow during the winter. Speaking plainly, the heat from your furnace will remain in your home, bouncing around to where it’s needed.

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