Why Do I Need A Roof Inspection?

Roof InspectionAs a public service, Paradigm Roofing would like to remind all residents of the McKinney area that it may be time to have their roofs inspected. As a homeowner, you probably already know that your home’s roof is one of its most important assets. Roofs provide protection from the elements, but they also offer structural integrity to your home. In fact, depending on a home’s design, a roof can function almost as a cornerstone, assisting all walls to stay in place and remain strong. In addition, a structurally sound roof provides your home with the ability to keep its interior insulated during all seasons.

Because of the importance of having a structurally sound roof, homeowners are also encouraged to have their roofs inspected on a regular basis. Over time, elemental damage, such as wind and hail, can wear away at a roofs shingles, often causing holes. When holes appear, moisture is able to not only get into your home, but also to your home’s frame, ultimately causing mold, wood rot, warped boards and more. Holes in a roof may also allow pests to invade, include insects, mice and rats.

Having a roof inspection completed on a regular basis can help homeowners to be alerted to potential problems before they start, and this can save a lot of money down the road. Roof repairs and replacements can cost homeowner’s hundreds or even thousands of dollars, and those numbers don’t even take into account damage to a home’s frame or interior. Mold removal services, water removal services and ceiling repairs can add additional thousands of dollars to the cost of roof problems, meaning it’s all the more important to have your roof inspected often.

A professional roofing company, such as Paradigm Roofing, will be able to inspect all elements of your home’s roof, including shingles, framing, gutters and more. Using advanced tools and techniques, a professional roofing company can alert you to potential or current problems with your home’s roof, allowing you the ability to save time and money by having repairs completed sooner. It’s also safer to hire a professional roofing company to complete an inspection, as it will handle all of the dangerous work for you.

If you’re concerned about the integrity of your roof and would like to have it inspected, or if you need shingle replacement or roof repair service in McKinney, give Paradigm Roofing a call today at 972-542-7774.