What You Need to Know About Hail Damage and Insurance

Hail Damage and InsuranceWe all know that hail damage is a possibility here in Texas. Even during our mild winters, we endure all manner of strange and terrifying storms, including those with hail. Your roof, however, can only withstand so many hail strikes before shingles start to fall apart or your roof leaks.

Here is what you need to know about roof hail damage and the insurance claim that will follow.

How Dangerous is Hail?

It’s no secret that hail can be dangerous. Even the smallest of hailstones can leave significant marks on your shingles or metal roofing. Some strike with enough force to dent vehicles and puncture holes straight through your roof. It’s no wonder that hail has caused $8 billion in property damage in the past five years. Texas even has the most average losses to hail each year, with up to 20% of all homeowners’ insurance claims for hail damage.

Insurance Coverage

Many insurance policies cover hail damage, but the extent of that coverage varies depending on location, the damage, and your policy. Once you meet your deductible, then the insurance company should take care of the rest, but you’ll want to speak with your agent to confirm this.

Unfortunately, most homeowners’ insurance companies do not cover cosmetic damage. If your home is functional after a hail storm but dinged up, you’ll have to pay for the repairs yourself.

Protecting Your Home

To better protect your home, understand your insurance policy. Ensure your plan has an adequate amount of coverage or seek protection elsewhere.

Then, look at your roofing material. Some materials hold up better against hail, so find a high-impact roofing solution.

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