What Will My Annual Roofing Cost Be?

What Will My Annual Roofing Cost Be

Our customers often ask us, “what will my annual roofing cost be?” This is a question that doesn’t quite have just one answer. In order to determine your annual roofing cost, you have to think about your particular roof. This includes the roof materials you have chosen, the size and complexity of your roof, and any other special considerations you may have. Paradigm Roofing wants you to stay on budget! Here is a simple calculation you can make to determine your annual roofing cost.

How to Calculate Your Annual Roofing Cost

Your annual roofing cost can be calculated as your total cost of your roof including materials and labor divided by the life expectancy of your roof. What does that mean? Simply, if you invest your money into a high quality roof installed by a reputable roofing company, your overall annual roofing cost is much less. This is because with cheap and inexperienced labor with subpar materials, you will be bearing the brunt multiple replacement costs (and likely many more repair costs) than if you went with a quality option.

What Is the Life Expectancy of a Roof?

The life expectancy of a roof varies considerably between different roofing materials, your climate, and your roofing maintenance. Generally, an asphalt shingled roof lasts between 15-20 years. Tile roofs can last up to 50 years! When you think you may be approaching the end of your roof’s life expectancy, you can discuss costs of replacement, materials available, and your annual roofing cost with your roofing professional. It may be worth it to spend a little more now than a lot more later.

If you would like assistance in calculating your annual roofing cost, contact the experts at Paradigm Roofing. Dial 972-542-7774 to schedule a meeting with our experienced roofing contractors.