What Kind of Roofing Material Is Best for My Commercial Property?

What Kind of Roofing Material Is Best for My Commercial Property

When you are trying to determine what the best roofing material for your commercial property, you will want to you the proper research. Choosing an affordable, reliable, and long-lasting roofing material is not easy. The experts at Paradigm Roofing are happy to help you. Our experienced roofing contractors have extensive knowledge regarding commercial roofing materials. Here are a few roofing materials you can choose from or your commercial property.

TPO and PVC Roofing

By far one of the most common roofing materials commercial businesses choose in McKinney and Fort Worth are TPO and PVC roofing systems. This single-ply roofing system is incredibly popular due to its price, and the protection that it provides. TPO and PVC roofing is extremely energy-efficient. Light colored membranes make this type of roofing material highly reflective. By reflecting the sun’s rays, you keep your building cooler during the sweltering Texas summers. Many roofing systems offer warranties for up to 20 years, giving you the peace of mind that your commercial building will be protected.

Metal Roofs

Another excellent choice for commercial properties is metal roofing. Metal roofing is easily installed, highly affordable, and can provide an attractive aesthetic for your business. Many industrial buildings rely on their metal roof to provide reliable protection and ventilation. Paradigm Roofing also provides metal roof coating, which can extend the life of your metal roof. Our coatings come in many different colors and textures, to fit the character of your property. Choose from Benchmark, Rapid Roof III, and Rapid Roof HV coatings that deliver fantastic benefits for your metal roof

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