What Color Roofing Tiles Should I Use?

What Color Roofing Tiles Should I Use

The roof over your head is one of the most important structural elements of your home. A well-maintained and professionally installed roof provides adequate safety and security for all manner of troubles, such as weather or intruders. However, we all want our homes to be eye-catching and unique. To accomplish this goal, we often select an assortment of colors for our roofing tiles. These tiles need to match, though; otherwise, the whole aesthetic is off. Ultimately, the color choice is yours to make.

Consider Climate

First off, it’s important to consider your current climate and weather conditions. The color of your shingles can often protect your bank account, too. For example, darker colors will often absorb more heat from the sun, which means higher energy bills to keep the interior cold. White or lighter colored shingles can often reflect sunlight and lower the internal temperature of your home by 20 to 40 degrees, in some instances.

Color Coordination

Furthermore, most homeowners want their roof to match their exterior, which is normal. For instance, dark gray or black shingles and tiles work quite well with a gray or blue home. Alternatively, brown and cream tiles often combine well with a brown, cream, or tan colored house.

If you’d like something brighter, however, green, red, and yellow homes offer a bit more flexibility. For example, you could choose brown, gray, or black tiles and shingles, all of which provide a more traditional appearance.

Of course, the color choice is solely up to you. A roofing contractor may make suggestions based on their own experience, but the decision is yours to make.

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