What Are Architectural Shingles?

The main thing you need to know is that they are shingles that achieve an architectural look while providing more durability. They do the same protective job as traditional shingles but with a stylistic element. Regular shingles tend to be flat and one dimensional, whereas architectural ones can have a 3D component to them. They can accent your roof’s pre-existing pitch or give it a new look altogether.  We at Paradigm Roofs have seen and installed this choice of shingle on several Dallas area homes, replacing the older traditional style.

The architectural shingles’ life span is nearly double that of traditional shingles because they are generally made of sturdier material, such as asphalt or laminate. And although this sturdier quality means you may be paying more up front for them, you’ll be saving money down the line by not having to replace them in 10-15 years like you would a traditional shingle.