Understanding the Different Types of Metal Roofing

Understanding the Different Types of Metal Roofing

Once only used for commercial buildings, metal roofs have crossed into the mainstream of residential construction. Homeowners realize the many advantages of metal roofing and wish to add it to their homes. Many people with metal roofs appreciate their durability and longevity. There are many different types of metal roofing, and understanding the differences between these can help you to make your choice of roof. This is especially important because metal roofs can last a lifetime. At Paradigm Roofing, we provide you with metal roof service and installation and answer any questions you may have about this particular roofing material.

When choosing residential roofing, there are many options with made of metal. The installation and aesthetics of each of these types of metal roof should be considered before finalizing your decision.

Standing seam metal roofs are completely water and fireproof due to the tight seals created by the seams. This is the oldest style of metal roof, but it remains popular today. To ensure that the roof performs correctly, it must be professionally installed and serviced.

Corrugated metal roofs have made their way onto houses in neighborhoods instead of only being used for commercial or industrial buildings. Today’s corrugated roof designs are much more aesthetically pleasing than in the past and can compliment many home designs. Just as you would expect, a corrugated metal roof has a wavy design. Take a look at some of the colors available for this type of roof before deciding if you want to install it on your home.

Metal shingles can be made to install on top of your roof to give you the best of two worlds. You get the look for standard shingles made from slate, wood, or ceramic, but the material is completely metal. With these shingles, your roof has the longevity and fireproofing of a metal roof without your neighbors knowing your roof is made of metal.

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