Understanding the Benefits of Tile Roofing

Benefits of Tile Roofing

Understanding the Benefits of Tile Roofing

Tile roofing is an Old World style of architecture used by the Greeks and Eastern cultures such as China. Tile roofing is an extremely durable and time tested choice when selecting a new roof. Tile and slate roofs from your Dallas Texas roofer can give a home an emphasis and appearance like no other material available in the market.

Tile roofing often has a life span of 50-100 years. Because of their density and composite, tile and slate roofing provides homes with another layer of insulation. The roof provides a natural air barrier between the underlayment and the surface of your roof. This natural barrier helps reduce energy costs and prevents moisture from accumulating in the roof which could cause mold and mildew damage. Extreme moisture problems could result in rotting and costly replacement repairs.

Tile roofs systems are commonly available as:

  • Slate Tiles that give your home a French or Italian architectural element
  • Concrete Fiber Reinforced Tiles that come in shake or barrel style tiles
  • Synthetic Tiles that imitate almost every form of tile material such as shake, slate, and terracotta

Barring extreme weather, your tile roof can last longer than the frame or your home. Many tile roofing manufacturers back their materials with a 50 year warranty. Not only that, tile roofing is exceedingly flame resistant and often installing a tile roof can qualify your home for a reduced insurance premium.

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