Understanding Roofing Warranties

Understanding Roofing Warranties

So you’re a homeowner, congratulations! What do you need to know about maintaining your new castle? Well, there is a lot, but a big one is making sure that your first line of defense against the elements, your roof, is in good condition and that you’re covered if anything catastrophic happens. Peace of mind is priceless, and having the knowledge to secure it is where this article comes in. We’re talking warranties and insurance — what you should know, where you should look.

What Is a Warranty?

They’re everywhere, in almost every box of every purchase you make: a postcard already addressed or a QR code where you can enter the product information. The million dollar question is, what exactly is a warranty?

The simple answer is it’s a contract that is attached to a product or service, in this case to the purchase of a new, repaired, or replaced roof. Like any other contract, it has rules and terms that apply to both you and the provider.

You, as the consumer, promise to maintain the integrity of the purchase, not change it in a way that could hurt the longevity of its purpose, and place claims before the expiration of the warranty. The contractor is bound by the warranty to honor all the terms of repair and replacement laid out in the contract. There are also different kinds of warranties that can be offered and not only from the contractor.

Standard Manufacturer’s Warranty

This type of warranty covers the supplies used in the installation of your roof. In most cases, it’s the shingles that come with what is called a limited lifetime warranty. That seems counterintuitive, right?

Limited refers to the level of protection offered by the company, and lifetime, in this case, means the amount of time you own the home. Each manufacturer sets its own rules for what they are willing to cover and under what circumstances.

A common one that is pretty universal across most companies is the replacement of shingles that are considered defective from the factory. The supplies used in roof maintenance are only a small part of the equation. Looking at the big picture, there are so many more moving parts. An important one is the contractor who you will inevitably hire to do the work of repairing or replacing the roof.

Contractor Workmanship Warranty

One of the most important decisions you will make while maintaining the literal roof over your head is find the correct contractor for the job. On one hand, you don’t want to pay a fortune because being a homeowner usually means you’re on a budget, and on the other, you don’t want subpar work done because of a lower price point.

Money shouldn’t be the only deciding factor. Reputation and warranty are equally if not more important. A workmanship warranty is an agreement offered by the contractor that guarantees the quality of the work. If a claim needs to be made, these types of policies usually cover the cost of supplies and labor and can overlap with other policies.

Home Warranty & Homeowners Insurance

When we said warranties are everywhere, it wasn’t a joke. Even your home comes with one in most cases. Why wouldn’t you want to protect such a huge investment? Home warranties include coverage of all things related to the home, like major appliances, systems, and with an added fee, even your roof.

Although these policies are typically very limited and only cover a very narrow range of specific parameters. There is a way, however, to supplement this coverage through homeowners insurance. Homeowners insurance differs from the warranties we talked about earlier in that the coverage is different. Instead of coverage for defective parts and labor, it’s there to help pay for the cost of repair due to external forces, like wind, rain, or hail damage, which are normally excluded from warranties.

Warranty Registration

Finally, let’s talk about the last step in making sure your warranties are active and a protective shield for anything that could go wrong with one of your biggest lifetime investments. Typically, the contractor is responsible for registering for the warranty. You as the consumer should double- and triple-check that all the requirements are met before filing.

Reading the fine print of any agreement is imperative as well: knowing how your coverage works, whether there are any loopholes, and what it can do for you are all among the best ways to make sure you get the most out of the policies you are paying for.

Becoming a homeowner is one of the biggest, most exciting achievements of a person’s life. It comes with so many new adventures and new responsibilities, and finding out where to start in maintaining this dream can be hard. That’s where companies like Paradigm Roofing come in, offering service, care, and information every homeowner could need. Give us a call or contact us online to find out more.