Top Reasons to Switch to Architectural Shingles

Top Reasons to Switch to Architectural Shingles

Nowadays, there are countless types of materials to use for your home’s roof. Architectural shingles, for example, are currently one of the most innovative roofing products on the market. When compared to traditional shingles, they’re often considered more durable and aesthetically pleasing. Furthermore, architectural shingles are cost-effective. Homeowners on a budget will enjoy the numerous benefits and low costs of their roof.

Changing Trends

For many homeowners, style and current trends play a significant role in determining architectural choices. Currently, there are many trends on their way out the door. If you’d like to improve the overall appearance of your home and boost the value of your home, architectural shingles are a solution worth considering.

If you’re worried about your current style, fret not. Architectural shingles come in a variety of options that match well with your current home.

A Durable Roof

Severe storms and intense winds often concern homeowners. One wrong gust or fallen tree could spell disaster for a roof. If you don’t feel confident in your current roof, it’s time to make the switch to architectural shingles.

These new shingles can withstand wind speeds up to 130 miles-per-hour. Furthermore, they utilize a powerful adhesive to prevent shingle blow-off.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Your choice of roofing material will significantly impact the overall energy efficiency of your home. It’s basic science, after all. The more direct sunlight your roof retains, the more energy required to cool the interior of the building.

Architectural shingles help deflect more light by providing much-needed insulation. Overall, this means less money spent on both heating and cooling your home. You can run your air conditioning unit and enjoy a comfortable environment for the entire day.

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