The Significance of Having a Healthy Roof

The roof over your head is crucial. It is the first line of defense against severe weather, critters, and other unwanted guests. That means that a healthy roof is vital to your home. The simplest way to care for your home’s roof is through proper maintenance. In fact, professional maintenance improves structural integrity. Moreover, the condition of your roof has an impact on comfort levels and indoor air quality.

Protect from Water Damage

A roof that has been well-maintained will prevent leaks and significant water damage. The roof is the primary form of protection against the elements, including water intrusion. As moisture causes decay in wood structures, leaks can wreak havoc on ceilings, walls, and flooring.

Prevent Fires

Surprisingly enough, a leak in your roof may lead to a fire. When water leaking from your roof touches electrical wiring, the contact may result in a fire. Additionally, water that has come in contact with electrical appliances or wiring may pose a shock hazard.

Improve Comfort

A professionally-installed roof will offer many advantages. For example, a properly ventilated and insulated roof saves homeowners money on their heating and cooling bill each month. Roofs release humidity and heat from within, which can be as damaging as a severe rainstorm. If your roof vents do not function properly, heat and humidity become trapped and eat away at wooden rafters and underpinnings.

As you know, a working air conditioner or heating system directly correlates to comfort levels. During winter, no one wants to be freezing in their own home. In summer, we want to escape the outdoors and enter a cool, comfortable environment. A healthy roof makes that possible.

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