The Basics of Roofing With Ceramic Roof Tiles

The Basics of Roofing With Ceramic Roof Tiles

Over the years, ceramic roofing tiles have changed very little. They remain a beautiful and well-aged form of roofing that is capable of lasting for decades when professionally installed. This material has been used for roofing for centuries, in numerous parts of the world. In America, ceramic roof tiles were introduced in the 1660s. Today, ceramic is an architectural staple throughout the country. Another thing that hasn’t changed? The fact that you’ll want these tiles installed by a professional.

The Basics

If you’re considering a ceramic tile roof, there are some considerations beforehand:

  • Assess the decking before attempting to walk over the material. Fix any spot that shows rot or wear.
  • Install an underlayment. This is crucial with ceramic roof tiles, as it increases water resistance.
  • Install drip-edge flashing and gutters. A properly installed ceramic roof has a substantial life expectancy, so only the highest-quality gutter material should be used.
  • Begin the first layer of tiles. Your chosen installer will follow the manufacturer’s instructions to the letter.
  • Once the first layer is attached, the roofer will observe from below to ensure everything is straight.
  • Continue laying each course until the roof is complete.

The Importance of Qualified Installers

Installation of ceramic roof tiles is best left to a professional. You want someone with years of experience and a steady hand to install your roof. In fact, a properly installed ceramic tile roof will last for over 100 years. The main problem, however, is poor fastening, whereby the tiles begin slipping and falling from the roof. This is a direct result of poor materials, not workmanship. With the right materials and installer, you’ll be set for a lifetime. Otherwise, you’ll spend more money than you should on repairs.

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