The Advantages of Bitumen Roofing

The Advantages of Bitumen Roofing

If you are running a commercial business and own a commercial building, one of your biggest priorities is keeping your property safe, secure, and in good condition. A bitumen roof can help you by preventing leaks and saving money on your monthly bills, while costing much less than other high-quality roofing materials. Paradigm Roofing and our licensed roofing contractors can assist you in installing, repairing, and maintaining your bitumen roof. Below are some distinct advantages that bitumen roofing can offer you.

Extreme Temperatures? No Problem!

When you need a roof that can withstand the harsh cold Texas winters and perform equally well in the sweltering summer, bitumen is right for you. The material is remarkably flexible, and it can expand and contract without causing any damage to the roofing material or underlying roofing structure. The bright color of bitumen also reflects sunlight, which helps your air conditioning system reduce its energy usage.

Self-Adhesive: No Heat Necessary

Some commercial roofing requires heat to be properly installed. However, sometimes heat cannot be applied due to heat-sensitive or flammable appliances that can be present on commercial roofs. Bitumen is available in self-adhering sheets that do not require heat for installation. This is much safer for circumstances in which there are flammable structures nearby. If you have concerns relating to the temperature during installation on your commercial roof, contact our roofers at Paradigm Roofing. We are happy to offer solutions that will make your employees and our roofers much safer throughout the installation process.

Recyclable & Eco-Friendly

Bitumen roofing is one of the few roofing materials that can be easily recycled after use. Whenever your roof is ready to be replaced, you can send your bitumen to be recycled. This helps reduce the environmental impact of your business and is something you can be proud of when talking to prospective customers. Being an environmentally conscious company can go a long way to acquiring new clients.

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