Summer Storms and Roof Damage

Summer Storms and Roof Damage

Summertime is here, bringing sunny days and stormy evenings. Summer thunderstorms can be vicious, with high winds or heavy rain, and sometimes they can lead to serious roof damage. Here at Paradigm Roofing, we want to share ways to both prevent damage and get it repaired.

Storm Dangers

According to the National Weather Service, there are roughly 10,000 severe storms each year that can cause significant roof damage. Thunderstorms become much more common in the summertime, and can involve hail, wind, rain, or even lightning strikes. That’s why it’s so important to protect yourself.

Keep Up Maintenance

It’s a good idea to keep your roof maintained so it doesn’t get badly damaged during a storm. For one thing, you should inspect it to be sure that all the edging and shingles are in place; you should also check that your gutters are in working order. It’s wise to eliminate any nearby objects that can catch the wind, break off, or otherwise be sent flying into your roof, such as tree branches or lightweight furniture.

Check for Trouble

It’s important to check for roof damage after a storm, too. Look for missing shingles, tiles, or flashing, and ensure all the seals are still tight. It’s also a good idea to check for water damage, such as dark pools or odd stains both inside and outside your home; these can indicate that part of your roof is damaged or leaking.


If you are worried about your roof after a storm, it’s best to get it repaired as soon as possible. This will help ensure that you’re protected and well-covered before the next storm hits. Call in a roofing repair professional to fix your roof immediately if you spot damage. If your roof is starting to get old, it might be time to have it completely replaced. Summer storms can be strong, but with the right preparation you can stay safe. If you need your roof repaired, call Paradigm Roofing at 972-542-7774.