Storm Damage Prevention & Restoration

Storm Damage Prevention & Restoration

With major thunderstorms taking place recently in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, more and more people are looking at their roofs and asking how they can upgrade them in preparation for the spring season. Historically, the months of March, April and May have been the prime months for the most destructive severe thunderstorms and potential tornadoes.

Our roofers at Paradigm Roofing are specialists in storm damage prevention and restoration. The average roof should go through major maintenance once or twice in a lifetime, but hail damage, lightning and other elements associated with storms can take its toll on an unsuspecting roof at any given time.

storm damage restoration

Our roofers handle storm damage restoration for all types of roofing fixtures, whether it be asphalt shingles or wood roofing. In addition to roof renovation and new installation, we also provide 24-hour emergency repair, in case the elements decide to cause damage in the middle of the night.

We want your home prepared for all weather conditions. Let Paradigm Roofing offer peace of mind for your roof against hail, wind, rain, storms and lightning. Call our McKinney roofing company today, or visit us online for more information.