Standing Seam Roofing Should Top Your Building

Standing Seam Roofing Should Top Your Building

If you’re going to put a roof over your business, you should consider one that is going to be durable and low-maintenance. After all, your focus needs to be on running your company, not fixing shingles and troubleshooting leaks. Standing seam roofing in Frisco, Plano and Allen offers a great alternative for business owners who want to do without the worry of insurance costs. At Paradigm Roofing, we have years of experience installing commercial roofing.

Benefits of Standing Seam

There are several kinds of standing seam roofs, each of which can cater to a business’ needs. When it comes to commercial roof construction, a quality product can mean fewer worries and maintenance calls. Standing seam roofing offers a number of advantages:

  • Long life span, meaning less chance of a roof replacement
  • Strong, durable materials to withstand weather elements
  • Cutting-edge, leak-free technology
  • Little to no maintenance costs
  • Light weight, making it suitable for most buildings
  • Energy efficiency through deflecting the sun and dissipating any absorbed heat

Lower Your Costs

Aside from virtually eliminating repair and maintenance costs, some insurance companies offer lower rates for buildings with standing seam roofs. The material can act as a firewall, keeping flames from entering from another building. Also, a properly installed roof is highly wind resistant. This means a lower chance of having to replace a roof after a storm.

If you are considering a new roof for your business, our staff at Paradigm Roofing can help. Our specialists can help find a roof that works for your building and save you money. Call us today at (972) 542-7744.