Standing Seam Roof Installation from Paradigm Roofing in Frisco TX

Standing Seam Roof Installation from Paradigm Roofing in Frisco TX

The right type of roof, installed by a qualified professional contractor, can add value and durability to a building. A standing seam metal roof is an energy-efficient, long lasting option for commercial or residential roofing. Insurance companies even provide discounts to property owners who choose this type of roofing system. In fact, homeowners often find that the roof pays for itself as it increases the property value of the home. The technicians at Paradigm Roofing can install a standing seam roof, complete with a 20-year to lifetime warranty, in Frisco TX.

The term “standing seam” refers to the seams that interlock above flat, adjacent roof panels. The seam edges fold back and form vertical watertight seams along the roof surface. The metal panels themselves are made of copper, aluminum or stainless steel, and measure 11, 15 or 19 1/4 inches wide. Paradigm technicians install several types of standing seams, including the popular field locked and snap-lock systems. A field locked roof system, which is the most common type, uses a locking tool to join the seams together on site. A snap-lock seam fastens adjacent panels together on the roof.

Avoid unnecessary costs

Paradigm helps customers avoid unnecessary costs associated with prefabricated roof panels. Technicians at this roofing company in Frisco TX form the roof panels from top quality metals either on site or at the shop. These roof materials resist damage from water, wind or impact. Customers can choose from 30 standard colors and receive manufacturer warranties on the metals and paints, and watertight warranties on the roof installation.

Standing seam systems are an increasingly popular choice for home or commercial buildings. Paradigm Roofing is a locally owned company that has provided roofing services for over thirty years. For more information on efficient, high quality Frisco TX standing seam roof installation, call 972-542-7774.