Solar Reflective Roofs a Conservative Option

Solar Reflective Roofs a Conservative Option

Because of its primary objective of protecting from all outside elements, some consider the roof the most important part of any building structure, commercial or residential. As we prepare for what appears to be an early spring, it is imperative for homeowners and business owners to take all precautions necessary to not only fight off the heat but also be energy conscious in doing so.

Using solar reflective coatings can be an excellent way to control energy consumption. These coatings – typically a light-colored, polymeric-blend material for heat-absorption purposes – lower a roof’s surface temperature significantly, and they keep the inside of a building cooler to where air conditioning units are not working as hard to cool areas. Lesser use of an AC unit will result in a lower cooling bill during the spring and summer months.

Solar reflective coatings

in addition, We offer protection that will give your roof a longer life cycle. They can be applied either to a roofing membrane or as a scotch-guard of sorts after the roof is applied. A roof with a dark membrane can reach scorching temperatures during the hottest part of summer days, but the temperature of a roof with a solar reflective coating can drop as much as 40 percent, perhaps more.

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