A Simple Guide to Asphalt Roof Maintenance for Homeowners

Your roof is a big investment, and often represents a substantial portion of building costs. It’s the roofing company’s job to ensure homeowners protect their investment by providing careful maintenance on a regular basis. You may choose to schedule periodic maintenance with a roofing company, or opt for your own self-service. Either way, your roof must be cared for adequately.

What Causes Damage?

The average residential roof will take quite the abuse over its lifetime – often more than any other portion of the house. Some common ways in which damage is incurred include:

  • Exposure to various elements, including wind, hail, rain and snow.
  • Tree or plant debris abrading the material
  • Poor installation
  • Inconsistent maintenance and improper repairs
  • Change in building usage (often leading to increased humidity or poor ventilation)

Steps to Maintaining Your Roof

A professional roofer may help you maintain your asphalt roof twice per year – plus after any significant storms in the area. Follow this simple checklist for the best results:

  • General Housekeeping – On occasion, clear debris from the roof, including leaves, branches and anything else causing trouble. You may use a leaf blower to accomplish this job. Then, consider trimming low-hanging tree branches to prevent leaks.
  • Inspection – At least once per year, schedule a roof inspection. Some homeowners opt for twice (Spring and Fall). This provides opportunity to note any potentially troublesome areas, and complete minor repairs before they worsen.
  • Repairs – When it comes to repairs, do not wait. Instead, perform roof repairs promptly for the best results. To maintain the integrity of the roof, repairs should be completed by a professional, not an amateur. This is not a do-it-yourself type of job.

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