Should You Replace Your Roof in Winter?

Should You Replace Your Roof in Winter

When you are looking to replace your roof soon, you may be balancing the pros and cons of having your new roof installed during the winter. While many people prefer to pursue roof replacement during summer months, there are a few circumstances in which you would want to replace your roof in winter instead. Here are a few instances in which a winter roof replacement would be needed and preferred.

Your Existing Roof Is Extensively Damaged

If your roof needs dire replacement due to extensive leaking or damage, then roof replacement should be done immediately. If you wait until the summer to replace a damaged roof, you can further damage the structure of your home, leading to a much more costly repair. Waiting could also cause health hazards, such as mold or mildew, to grow in your home. Never wait to replace your roof in these cases.

You Live in a Mild Climate

If you live in a climate in which the winter is mild, dry, and cool, replacing your roof in winter may be better. If you have leaks, you will want to replace your roof before the spring showers cause more water damage to your home. While North Texas does get some snow and ice, there typically is enough break in the severe winter weather to replace your roof.

Ventilation Issues

If your home is having ventilation issues, you will want to replace your roof before the temperature rises. At Paradigm Roofing, we know how hot a Texas summer can be. It is important to have the proper ventilation in your attic to keep your home energy efficient when you use your AC system in the summer.

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