Roofing Materials Used in Commercial Construction

Roofing Materials Used in Commercial Construction

Replacing the entire roof to your home is the type of improvement job that is a significant investment, and one that requires the skilled hands and expertise of a professional roofing company like Paradigm Roofs. We’ve been servicing the roofs of commercial entities for too many years to count at this point. Our jobs are completed without any dangerous practices, and we always use high-quality materials that business owners love to look at once the job has been completed. When it comes to installing a roof, there are certain roofing materials that people just seem to love more than others.

Common Roof Types

In areas with little rainfall or snow, or even on simple industrial buildings with a large roof span, flat roofing is the most common. Everywhere else, pitched roofing tends to be the most desired type of roof for a home or business. The region where you live does matter. Depending on the style of your particular roof, the materials you can effectively use will be narrowed down.

Common Roofing Materials

The most common roofing materials completely depend on the style of roof. For example, if you have a flat roof, the most common materials used include tar & gravel, rubber, modified bitumen, felt, and sheet metal roofing. For a pitched roof, however, composition shingles, dimensional shingles, wood shingles, and asphalt shingles remain the most popular materials to use. Ultimately, though, the choice is your own to make for your business. Of course, you are not limited by the most common construction materials to choose from.

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