Roof Repair After a Summer Storm

Roof Repair After a Summer Storm

Here at Paradigm Roofing we understand the challenges that occur when your roof is damaged from a summer storm. From damage caused by hail and wind to heat, lightning, and downed trees, we have the expert knowledge and experience to provide you with safe, professional, and efficient roof repair.

Take Stock of Your Roof

While your summer plans may be filled with days of barbequing and enjoying lazy days in the sun, your roof can be easily damaged after a sudden storm. To stop further damage from occurring and to get the ball rolling on repairs, make sure to inspect your roof after a heavy rain, hail, or windstorm. Metal roofing can be easily dented by hail, while high winds or downpours of rain can tear off shingles and gutters. As soon as you find damage, do not hesitate to call us. Our professional roofers will work quickly to assess your property and begin working on your roof repair.

The Process of Restoration

The next step in repairing your roof involves the replacement of shingles, metal materials, and the removal of any objects that may have created damage. No matter what type of repairs you need completed, rest assured that we can help you. Some of our others services include:

• 24 hour emergency repair
• Roof restoration
• Installation of new roofs
Asphalt shingle repairs and replacements
• Wood roofing repairs and replacements

Repair and Then Maintain

After we have successfully installed your new roof, it is important for you to routinely inspect it for damage and wear. While our work is high in quality and professionalism, we cannot control the elements of weather. By checking your roof for tears, leaks, and loose shingles, you can help to prevent later damage from occurring. It is also important to clean your gutters and remove leaves, twigs, branches, and any other objects. By keeping your gutters clear, they will work properly and not bear extra weight.

If you have any questions or need to schedule a roof repair, please contact us at 972-542-7774. We at Paradigm Roofing look forward to helping you repair, renovate, or maintain a safe and quality roof.