Residential Steel Roofing Installation Guide

Residential Steel Roofing Installation Guide

When you are thinking about installing a metal roof on your home, you may feel a bit lost as there is a lot to consider. If you don’t know how to install a metal roof properly, we urge you to call a professional roofer who can assist in creating a flawless finished product. Here are a few tips on how to install the perfect residential steel roof.

Don’t Over Tighten the Screws

One of the biggest mistakes people make when installing a residential steel roof is over tightening the screws. Make sure the washer is flush with your metal roof, but not making an indention or damaging your roof once it is screwed in. On that same note, you don’t want the screws to be too loose either. Otherwise, you will end up with tiny leaks across your entire roof.

Tiny Hang

It is a common misconception that a steel roof should hang far off the side of your home. In fact, your steel roof should only hang one or two inches off the side and be met with a gutter system to rid excess water properly without it leaking back into your roof.

Don’t Over Caulk

Especially with metal roofing, the tendency is to want to caulk every mistake to prevent leaking instead of taking the time actually to fix the issue. If the caulking is exposed to the elements, it will quickly break down, leading to leaks and roof damage. Only place caulk under flashings where it is protected.

Call a Professional

The professional roofers at Paradigm Roofing have extensive experience in installing residential steel roofing and can construct one for your home in record time. Know when you are over your head and instead of wasting time and money, call our office today.

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