Proper Ventilation is Essential for your Attic

Proper Ventilation

Proper Ventilation is Essential for your Attic

In summer, keeping your home as cool as possible is on top of the to-do list of any homeowner. For many, this starts with running your air conditioning unit as much as possible, at the lowest possible temperature. Relying solely on your cooling system overlooks one essential aspect of keeping your home comfortable, however – the presence of essential maintenance for your roofing system. Our roofing contractors at Paradigm Roofing can ensure your attic boasts proper ventilation this summer.

The lack of proper ventilation in your attic can vastly increase the temperature inside your home, especially in these Texas summers where temperatures commonly top triple digits. Since it is estimated most homes do not boast the appropriate ventilation needed, this lack of proper protection means your air conditioning unit has to work overtime in order to keep your home cool. As the sun’s rays warm your attic during the hot summer months, the heat can radiate into the attic floor, and then spread to other areas of your home, making for uncomfortable conditions and costly monthly utility bills.

Besides the effects improper ventilation can have on your energy costs, this lack of efficient ventilation can manifest physically on your roof as well. Your roof can crack prematurely, making for costly repairs and quite an eyesore. Proper ventilation supplied by our Frisco TX roofing experts can increase the lifespan of your home, allowing you to avoid the possible damage to your siding, exterior or interior paint, and wallpaper that insufficient ventilation can allow for.

With Paradigm Roofing on your side, you’ll never have to worry about these detrimental effects to your home and wallet. Using only the highest quality materials, we can ensure your roof is properly ventilated, and is both energy-efficient and aesthetically pleasing. With any comments, questions, or to schedule a ventilation installation today, give us a call at 972-542-7774 or visit us online today.