Practice Flat Roof Seasonal Maintenance This Fall

Practice Flat Roof Seasonal Maintenance This Fall

A well-maintained roof – residential or commercial – is crucial to ensuring everyone indoors is safe and secure year-round. No property owner wants to shut down or leave their home because of leaks, damage, or potentially dangerous roofing. By undergoing seasonal maintenance, you too can prevent disaster. This fall, spend some time surveying and maintaining your roof. You’d be surprised at the amount of money and time you’ll save.

Flat Roof Inspection

First and foremost, you’ll want to schedule an inspection for your flat roof. Depending on experience level, you may be able to perform an inspection on your own. Flat roofs are subject to seasonal damage and stress, including standing water and hail damage. Your roof should undergo an inspection annually to ensure it is weather tight and energy efficient.

An inspection will:

  • Check the roof for properly adhered protective coatings
  • Check for ruptures, cuts, or holes in the coating
  • Look for abrasions or wear, especially near high foot traffic areas
  • Check for signs of water leaks

Basic Maintenance

Typically, a flat roof will accumulate dust, debris, and leaves over time. If you have a gutter system, it’s likely these same substances will build up and cause a blockage. Wherever possible, use a leaf blower to remove standing dirt and dried leaves. Your average flat roof is quite fragile. Unless designed right, simply standing in the right spot could damage the slanting, which is crucial for rain run-off. Furthermore, a dent from a boot could easily lead to punctures and leakage. You’ll want to repair any instances of dents, cracks, or holes promptly; otherwise, you risk further damage.

Contact Us

To schedule flat roof maintenance this fall, contact Paradigm Roofing by calling 972-542-7774. We’ll schedule service that best fits into your schedule. In fact, we’ll work tirelessly to keep your flat roof energy efficient and cost-effective.