Polyurethane Foam Roofing – Top Insulation and Waterproofing Qualities

Polyurethane Foam Roofing – Top Insulation and Waterproofing Qualities

Polyurethane foam roofing has been around in some capacity for the past 40 years. It has become a primary choice for insulation and roofing in commercial buildings. At one point, the material was only seriously considered as an alternative to old built-up roofing, but now polyurethane has made an impact on the industry. In fact, there are several key advantages to consider when comparing polyurethane to other roofing options. Namely, the coverage of the material is seamless, ensuring total protection and energy-efficiency.

Insulating Properties

There is no way to compare the insulating properties of polyurethane foams. For such a thin roofing material, foam offers adequate thermal resistant unlike any other roofing material currently on the market. For 1-inch of polyurethane foam roofing, the resistance value is rated at 7.14, which can help save as much as 30% energy costs for both heating and cooling in your building.

With such high savings potential, the cost can easily be covered within a matter of years. The applications are nearly limitless, but polyurethane seems to do well in chemical processing plants and oil refineries above all else.


On the other hand, you have to waterproof. The benefits are evident here, too. Polyurethane foam is designed using uptight cells that act as an efficient barrier for water and moisture. Not only does liquid water remain outside, but dew point and condensation are also minimized effectively.

The roofing is protected, even if the top coat is damaged. The underlying layer will ensure the entire roof is waterproof. Furthermore, water can also drain properly once accumulated, even when raining.

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