How to Pick The Best Siding

How to Pick The Best Siding

When you are trying to choose the type of siding for your home, it can get quite overwhelming. Siding is the defining characteristic of a home and any change should be a well thought out process. Below are the most common siding choices today.


Wood siding is one of the most popular types of siding due to its classic and high-quality look with the low price. Types include clapboard, plywood, hardboard/composition, rectangular plank, cedar and wood plank. Wood siding however is not a great choice in areas that experience harsh weather conditions or have wood-eating pests like termites. While it looks beautiful, it is not as durable of a siding as some of the other choices.


There are several types of materials that are available with composite siding including: fiber cement, aluminum and asphalt. It is often sold in shingles or slats like wood and installed in a very similar way. Because it can be made into different shapes, there are endless possibilities with siding accessories.

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