Paradigm Roofing Provides Commercial Roof Construction

Paradigm Roofing Provides Commercial Roof Construction

When it comes time for you to replace or repair your company’s roof, you can always trust the professional service of Paradigm Roofing.  We at Paradigm Roofing provide our loyal customers with high quality commercial roof construction in Plano.  Not only do we focus on getting the job done right the first time around, but we are dedicated to providing our customers with the right kind of roof for each unique situation.

Proper Roof Construction Can Decrease Risk of Fire Destruction

A family of four in Jaffrey was recently displaced after an accidental fire broke out in their log cabin early in the morning.  Each of the family members are now safe, but the fire killed one of their family cats.  The fire was originally classified as a first-alarm fire, but it was upgraded to a second-alarm fire partly because of the roof’s construction.  The roof was made up of several layers of wood construction and foam installation.  This made putting out the fire take a lot more time than expected.  A roof’s materials and construction can dramatically affect the ease at which firefighters are able to put out a fire.

A New Roof from Paradigm Roofing is the Answer

Paradigm Roofing has the experience and skills necessary to ensure that each commercial roof construction service is completed correctly.  We use only the highest quality materials and techniques to keep you and your business safe.  For more information about our commercial roofing services, contact us at 972-542-7774.

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