Paradigm Roofing Featured in ‘Roofing Contractor’ eMagazine

Paradigm Roofing works hard to do great work and provide the best customer experience. We’re proud of the reviews we get, and we’re confident that whoever needs roofing work will benefit from calling us first. We put so much effort into this aspect of the business that it is always rewarding when we get positive feedback.

Every good review makes us happy. Sometimes, the review comes from a source with high levels of outreach, and we appreciate that too. That’s why we want to take a moment to talk about a recent feature we had in a major roofing publication. is an electronic publication for and about roofers. It is a great resource to get insight into the industry and see what roofers think about things. It is geared towards a general audience, so no roofing expertise is needed to enjoy the articles. It is the largest, most viewed contracting publication in the United States, regularly reaching thousands of viewers every day. It is a hub for roofing information as well as being a great place to see amazing construction projects (with a primary focus on the roofs of course).

The publication commonly covers massive and/or impressive projects. Articles range from discussing safety techniques and practices to environmentally-friendly practices that improve sustainability. They even discussed COVID-19 and vaccines with medical professionals to help roofers understand how to continue working safely and responsibly. For a roofing contractor, being mentioned or covered in an article is a big deal.

Roofing Contractor caught wind of a major project done by Paradigm Roofing and decided to feature it. The project was located at The Mansions — a luxury apartment complex at Joe Pool Lake. The campus includes acres of buildings and hundreds of units. The owners of The Mansions realized that their roofs needed work, and they decided to go with a major aesthetic change while they were at it.

Changing the roof for the entire complex represented a major undertaking, so the owners called Paradigm Roofing. Working with the owners, Paradigm explored a number of roofing materials and aesthetic options. Ultimately, The Mansions settled on Brava Roof Tile. It is a modern take on traditional Spanish tiles. As such, it is lightweight and efficient, and it is so durable that it comes with a 50-year warranty. It is rated for intense impacts known as Class 4 — which usually come from hurricane-level storms. The Mansions chose a beautiful red color for their tile, and Paradigm went to work.

The project was a major undertaking. In total, 12 buildings had their roofs completely redone. Including shipping time for new tile and all of the logistics, the project spanned eight months. When it was done, The Mansions looked better than ever with their red Spanish Tile. And, the complex had new, improved roofs that can withstand winds up to 110 miles per hour.

It was an impressive project, and Paradigm Roofing is proud to have been able to do it. Added pride comes from the glowing coverage of ‘Roofing Contractor’ and its praise of the final product. We’re equally happy that you took the time to share this moment with us.

Paradigm Roofing is a devoted roofing contractor in the DFW area. If you want a high level of skill and expertise applied to your roofing work, contact us. No job is too big or too small. The skill, devotion and raw effort that we put into this project with The Mansions are applied to every job. From minor patch work to installing new roofs on major complexes, we bring the same energy and professionalism every time.