Our Top Roof Safety Tips in McKinney

Our Top Roof Safety Tips in MckinneyWhen it comes to major roof repairs or roof replacement in McKinney, most homeowners have no problem with calling in the experts. But for a simple inspection or cleaning, many homeowners won’t hesitate to venture up top themselves. For safety, even these tasks really should be handled by a professional, but for all you do-it-yourselfers out there, here are our top roof safety tips for dealing with your roof yourself.

Safety First

If you must venture up on your roof for any reason, be sure to use a new, slip-resistant ladder. Also, wait for ideal weather conditions. You should never climb up on the roof in ice, snow, hail, or rain.

When you do go up, wear nonslip shoes and comfortable, appropriate clothing. You may even want to invest in a roof harness to prevent a slip-and-fall accident.

Yes, we know. That’s a lot to ask. That’s why it’s often better to let roofing experts handle the job.

Know Your Roof

If you’re not deterred yet, then be sure you know your roof inside and out. Depending on the material of your roof, stepping in one spot may lead to significantly more damage than another. The shape, size, and slope of your roof also determines its strength and durability.

For example, did you know that slate roofing can break or crack when extra weight is put on them? Such damage often leads to leaks, or worse.

Call an Expert

Our number one safety tip we can offer is to call an expert. A roofing expert in McKinney can provide a safe, thorough roof inspection without any risk of roofing damage or injuries. We use the right equipment and techniques to tackle the job without harm.

For today’s best — and the safest — roofing services in McKinney, call Paradigm Roofing. You can reach us for a roof inspection at 972-542-7774!