Do Oil Prices Affect Asphalt Shingle Roofing Costs?

Asphalt shingles remain one of the most popular roofing choices for many homeowners. They are a cost-effective material providing easy installation and less maintenance overall. However, we have recently noticed that the cost of asphalt shingles is rising. Research points to rising oil prices, as oil is one of the key materials used in creating asphalt shingles. Oil prices are affecting everything.

How Oil Prices Affect Shingle Prices

As we mentioned before, oil is the primary ingredient in today’s asphalt shingles. There is a definite correlation between both products’ pricing schemes, though shingles prices are a little more stable in the long-run. With high material costs, in this case, oil, manufacturers of top shingles must also raise their prices to continue producing quality roofing materials.

Furthermore, the high demand for asphalt on roadways and various home improvement projects help play a role in the rising costs.

Increasing Overhead

Another factor to consider is the overhead of your favorite roofing contractor. When oil prices rise, local contractors begin to feel that increase. It costs more for them to fill their work truck. On the job site, generators and air compressors that run on fuel cost more to operate, too. Due to a price hike, most roofing companies make less and, as such, must charge more to cover their own overhead while turning a profit. This price increase directly affects you, as you are paying more for their service.

We recommend receiving a firm bid in writing for all roofing work!

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