#1 Roof Repair, Installation & Replacement Services in Pilot Point, Texas

Roof Repair, Installation & Replacement Services Pilot Point, TX

From roof repairs to full replacements, the residents of Pilot Point deserves the top roofing services available to them. For that, Paradigm Roofing stands tall as the premier roofing provider on the market today. We help homeowners choose the best roofing materials, enjoy peace of mind with 24-hour repairs, and learn about smart roofing choices.

Reliable Roofing Contractors in Pilot Point, Texas

Your roof needs to be strong enough to withstand weather and pests of all types. Without professional installation, prompt repairs, and routine maintenance, even the best roofing material can fail. That is why you need to hire Paradigm Roofing. We’re the top roofing contractors in Pilot Point today.

Metal Roofing in Pilot Point, Texas

When it comes to metal roofing, don’t listen to the naysayers. Today’s metal roofing materials, such as standing seam metal roofing, are top choices that are extremely durable, energy efficient, and attractive.

Tile & Slate Roofs in Pilot Point, Texas

Did you know tile and slate roofing can last for 100 years or more? All it takes is proper maintenance and professional installation from the experts at Paradigm Roofing. We’ll help you pick the right tile and slate material, then provide the installation.

TPO Roofing in Pilot Point, Texas

As a business owner, you have a lot on your plate. Your roof is just one more problem. Let Paradigm Roofing install TPO roofing over your Pilot Point business for a long-lasting, efficient, and affordable roofing system.

Residential Roof Repair & Replacement

Routine roof repairs and replacement for your residential roofing system are a must. At any point in the year, know that Paradigm Roofing is available. We offer emergency roof repairs, full roof replacement, and more using the best materials on the market.

Asphalt Shingle Roofing in Pilot Point, Texas

Many homeowners are only just learning about asphalt shingle roofing and the many benefits offered by the material. For one, asphalt shingles are highly energy efficient. Plus, they are attractive, with many colors and styles to choose from, and built to last.

About Pilot Point, Texas

Pilot Point has kept its small-town charm, all thanks to the many residents who have stuck around and built up the community.

For top-rated roofing services in Pilot Point, contact Paradigm Roofing at 972-542-7774!