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Residential Commercial Roofing Company

Paradigm Roofing has been installing quality roofs in Little Elm TX and its surrounding areas for over 20 years. Our licensed roofing contractors in Little Elm specialize in commercial and residential roofing installation, repair and maintenance. No matter what your vision is for your home or business, Paradigm can make it a reality.  We aim for complete customer satisfaction on every single service we perform and we stand behind every roof we build. Let us show you why we are the roofer Little Elm residents call for all their residential and commercial roofing needs.

Residential and Commercial Metal Roofing

A metal roof for your home or business offers a few distinct advantages over, say, shingles or modified bitumen. Not that either of those roofing solutions is inferior; it’s just that metal roofing is a more durable roofing option.

Furthermore, when you hire professional roofing contractors in Little Elm, TX, you’ll find that we can install metal roofing with ease. The material is fireproof, lightweight, and comes in a wide variety of designs and styles. For homeowners, this beautiful material is a great choice. You can even mix and match to better suit the exterior of your home.

Here at Paradigm Roofing, we work with residential and commercial metal roofing daily. We thoroughly test all the materials that come through our office, ensuring that your roof will be stable and high-quality for years to come. When you choose metal roofing, you are investing in the safety and security of your building.

Tile & Slate Roofs

For homeowners in Little Elm, tile and slate roofing remains one of the most popular choices. Here at Paradigm Roofing, we regularly work with tile and slate. Aside from being aesthetically pleasing, tile and slate roofing also offer immense durability. It is truly astounding how strong these roofs are when they’ve been professionally installed. When done right, a tile and slate roof can last for 50, 75, or even 100 years. You’ll need proper maintenance and care, of course.

At Paradigm Roofing, we are happy to provide tile and slate roofing solutions for homeowners in the region. Once we’re finished installing your new roof, you’ll find that it can withstand all the weather we face here in Texas. Your roof could outlast you. Give us a call today for expert tile and slate roofing services.

Composition Roofs

For many homeowners, tile and slate is the go-to roofing choice for new installation or roof replacement. However, more and more homeowners are turning their attention towards fiberglass composition roofs. Why? Because composition roofing is durable, cost-effective, and available in a large variety of colors and styles. The fiberglass mat at the center ensures your roof remains strong against all the severe weather we face in Little Elm, TX.

Here at Paradigm Roofing, we proudly provide composition roofing installation in Little Elm, TX. The most common type of composition roof we install is a 3-tab composition roof. Each one comes with a unique manufacturer warranty of 20, 25, or 30 years, depending on which material you select. Furthermore, 3-tab composition roofing is the least expensive option. These shingles have been refined by manufacturers over the years to be more stable and durable overall. You can’t go wrong!

TPO Roofs

For local businesses, finding the perfect roofing solution is a challenge. There are countless options available on the market, from modified bitumen to metal roofing. Each have their own advantages and disadvantages, but none are more popular than TPO roofing. TPO, also known as thermoplastic polyolefin, has been around for over a decade now. It is a highly popular choice for commercial roofing applications.

Here at Paradigm Roofing, we specialize in TPO roofing for many reasons. Primarily, we offer TPO roofing to our commercial clients because of how energy efficient TPO is as a material. Furthermore, TPO is easily installed and ideal for a warm climate, like here in Little Elm, TX. A professionally installed TPO roof can last for over 20 years with the right maintenance. As a business owner, isn’t it time you invest in your company’s roof?

Metal Roof Installation

Metal roofing is becoming more and more popular. Initially, metal roofing was thought to be a noisy, costly roofing system. Few homeowners were willing to take the gamble, but today more and more homeowners and local businesses have opted for metal roofing as a durable, long-lasting roofing solution. There are just too many advantages to metal roofing to ignore. You have increased durability, extended lifespan, lightweight material, and fireproofing. It is easy to see why so many are choosing metal roofing.

At Paradigm Roofing, we provide metal roof installation for homeowners and businesses in the region. Our roofing installation is guaranteed to be of high-quality year-round. We work tirelessly to ensure your new roof is stable, efficient, and able to withstand the coming weather. A professionally installed roof is worth the cost many times over. Schedule roofing installation today!

Standing Seam Metal Roofs

When it comes time for a new roof, you have many options available. You might have noticed that metal roofing is becoming more popular each year. The increased durability, lightweight material, and fireproofing are attractive choices for many homeowners. However, metal roofing can be broken down into multiple categories and styles. For example, you have standing seam metal roofing, which is a popular choice in cities such as Dallas and Fort Worth.

There are numerous reasons to choose standing seam metal roofing. For instance, you’ll enjoy increased energy efficiency, thermal resistance, durability against weather, and a high return on your investment. Many manufacturers even offer lifetime warranties. When it comes time to replace your old roof, look to Paradigm Roofing to provide expert standing seam metal roofing installation. We’ll get the job done right the first time!

Reliable Roofing Contractors In Little Elm

When you need quality through and through, contact Paradigm Roofing. We provide a variety of services to our customers other than just general installation and maintenance. We also offer gutter services, radiant barriers, re-roofing, TPO, and PVC. Give Paradigm a call today and let us show you why we are the best roofer in Little Elm, TX!

Paradigm Roofing is happy to answer any questions you may have about your roofing project.  Call our Little Elm roofers at 972-542-7774, or contact us online for assistance. We serve entire Little Elm, TX 75034, 75068, 76227.

About Little Elm TX

Little Elm TX is a city located in Denton County, Texas. One of the state’s fastest-growing cities, Little Elm currently has a population of more than 22,000 after having only roughly 3,600 after the 2000 census. Little Elm has built a reputation for having a small-town environment with low-cost housing. Our Little Elm roofing company proudly serves this growing community.