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Call Paradigm Roofing today for all your roofing needs in Lewisville TX. For over 20 years, our Lewisville roofing contractors have been providing quality commercial and residential roofing installation, repair, and maintenance to satisfied Lewisville residents. We make the customer’s satisfaction our priority. We research every material we use to ensure that we are providing high quality parts that will withstand the intense Lewisville weather. Our Lewisville roofers experts have the knowledge and expertise to build the perfect roof for your Lewisville home or business. We take cost, permits, local codes, durability, and energy efficiency into consideration with every roof we build. Don’t hesitate, give Paradigm a call today to schedule your appointment with one of our roofing experts in Lewisville.

Residential and Commercial Metal Roofing

A metal roof provides numerous advantages over other modern roofing solutions. First and foremost, metal roofing is durable, simple to install, lightweight, fireproof, and available in a number of unique designs, colors, and styles. You can choose from copper, steel, granule, and even aluminum. The material you choose for your new metal roof will determine the total cost, but you can be sure we’ll provide you with a full quote before any work begins.

Here at Paradigm Roofing, we believe in the lasting nature of metal roofing for both residential and commercial roofing solutions. With expert installation and affordable pricing, you’ll enjoy a long-lasting metal roof that is stable for years to come. Furthermore, metal roofing offers low maintenance requirements for the busy homeowner. Invest in a brand-new metal roof for your home or business by calling Paradigm Roofing today!

Tile & Slate Roofs

Tile and slate are both popular roofing choices, and for good reason. Today’s tile and slate offer immense appeal due to their aesthetic, durability, and easy installation. First and foremost, it’s important to note that tile and slate roofing can last anywhere from 50 years to 100 years, depending on maintenance and repairs. With professional installation, your new tile and slate roof could very well last a lifetime.

At Paradigm Roofing, we know that tile and slate roof can be a more expensive option for your next roofing solution. There’s a good reason why the price of tile and slate has risen over the years. Besides being long-lasting and energy efficient, tile and slate roofing also offer immense ventilation benefits for the entire home. The increased ventilation allow you to spend less money on your heating and cooling throughout the year, thereby recuperating the cost of your new roof in just a few years’ time.

Composition Roofs

When it comes to new roofing, you have a lot of fantastic choices from professional roofers in the area. One of today’s top choices is composition roofing. Today’s composition roofing provides a broad number of benefits for the entire home. First and foremost, through professional installation, you’ll enjoy increased efficiency, durability, and a longer lifespan. Furthermore, composition roofing is also extremely fire resistant and durable against all types of weather in the area.

Here at Paradigm Roofing, we provide a broad number of choices for your composition roof. You can choose from unique colors and styles to suit the architecture of your house. Of course, composition roofing shingles also offer increased durability and an extended warranty for when life throws you a curveball. You can’t go wrong with composition roofing in Lewisville, TX!

TPO Roofs

For the past thirty years, single-ply roofing systems have become immensely popular amongst commercial consumers. The flexible nature of TPO roofing, along with the affordability and ease of installation, make this roofing system an attractive choice for business owners on a budget. Furthermore, even roofing technicians love to work with TPO roofing because of how simple the entire system is.

TPO, which stands for thermoplastic polyolefin, has been around for a long time. It is the number one commercial roofing choice for its energy efficiency, environmental impact, and fast installation. When your business needs a new roof, Paradigm Roofing will recommend TPO roofing more often than not. We know of the key benefits offered by TPO and just how much you’ll enjoy the new roof over your head.

Standing Seam Metal Roofs

Another popular choice for commercial roofing is standing seam metal roofing. If your business is actively seeking energy efficiency, durability against all types of weather, and a lifetime warranty, then standing seam is the way to go. Here at Paradigm Roofing, we regularly install standing seam. There are countless business owners throughout the area that choose standing seam above all else. For good reason, too. Besides the key benefits we already mentioned, standing seam also provides minimal maintenance requirements and long-lasting durability.

At Paradigm Roofing, our experienced Lewisville roofers use only high-quality standing seam metal roofing products from the best manufacturers. We know that you want the strongest roof possible, and we intend to deliver that and more. Our goal is to provide your business with a high-quality roof for the right price!

About Lewisville TX

Lewisville is a city located in Denton County, Texas, with a population of roughly 105,000. Lewisville is one of the oldest incorporated cities in the Dallas-Fort Worth area (incorporated in 1925), and it has built a reputation for being a mid-sized city with small-town values. Lewisville features Vista Ridge Mall and Lewisville Lake as popular attractions. Our Lewisville roofing company proudly serves this budding community.

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