The Best Roof Repair, Installation Contractor in Denton

Roof Repair, Installation Contractor in Denton

Paradigm Roofing is Denton’s number one choice for residential and commercial roofing and has been for more than two decades. We hire only the most experienced licensed roofing contractors in Denton who have proven they have the knowledge and skill for unmatched installation, repair and maintenance. We research out the most durable materials so you get a long lasting roof that will stand the test of time. Give us a call and let us show you why we are the roofer Denton businesses trust for all their roofing needs.

Only The Best Roofing Contractors In Denton

When you are looking for a reliable roofing company with an established reputation in Denton, there is only one choice, Paradigm Roofing. Not only do we provide roofing with the highest quality roofing products out there, but we do it along with exceptional customer service. From installation and maintenance to gutters and radiant barriers, we do it all. With a wide variety of materials to choose from, you can find something to fit your budget. Call to schedule service today with one of our Denton roofers.

Finding the Right Roofing Contractor in Denton TX

Here at Paradigm Roofing, we offer the best roofing services in Denton, TX. Our team, each one with years of experience, goes above and beyond for every job. Whether you need everyday roofing repairs or annual maintenance, or perhaps even high-quality roofing installation, we are the number one choice in the region. We offer all our services at an affordable price, so your home’s roof doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg.

At Paradigm Roofing, we are factory-certified and warranty-trained roofing contractors. We work with all types of roofing products, including residential, commercial, industrial, and other solutions. From metal roofing to modified bitumen and beyond, we are here to help. Anything you need for a stable, long-lasting roof, our technicians are on the job. Just give us a call to see the fantastic service we offer!

Residential Roofing

When you are actively seeking professional residential roofing services, you’ll find pages upon pages of competent service providers in Denton, TX. There are quite a few fantastic choices. However, none provide the same level of customer service or quality roofing solutions as Paradigm Roofing. Since day one, we have committed ourselves to offer homeowners the best possible roofing solutions. From composition roof installation to metal roofing repair, we handle all aspects of residential roofing.

Homeowners here in Denton have high expectations. You want the best possible roofing services for your money. At Paradigm Roofing, we combine high-quality residential roofing solutions with affordability. You won’t break the bank paying for roofing repairs after a severe storm. You’ll see immediate results from a caring, experienced team of roofing contractors. That’s a guarantee!

Commercial Roofing

As a local business, you have to care for your employees, operate a successful business, bring in new customers, and manage the entire building. None of these tasks are simple, especially not caring for an entire structure. When it comes to commercial roofing, don’t risk further damages or potential injuries. Instead, call Paradigm Roofing. We offer exceptional commercial roofing solutions that are guaranteed to resolve your troubles. From minor roof leaks to full-blown storm damage, our roofing contractors have a keen mind to keep you in business.

When it comes to commercial roofing, Paradigm Roofing goes all out. We are invested in the success of your company here in Denton, TX. As such, we offer high-quality roofing materials – all tested by our team – for any situation. From thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) to modified bitumen and beyond, we have a roof for you!

Affordable Roofing Repair

The roof over your head is there to protect you from the elements. When severe weather hits the area, you’ll be glad you had a strong, durable roof on your home. However, as the forefront of home defense against rain and hail, your roof is bound to take a bit of damage over the years. From missing shingles to the occasional roof leak, a bit of roof damage can wreak a bit of havoc. Of course, waiting too long to schedule repairs can often worsen the situation, also.

Here at Paradigm Roofing, we offer affordable roofing repair for just such an occasion. When you need us most, we are here. We do so without overcharging or tacking on fees. Instead, we offer quality, affordable roofing repairs for any situation. As part of our roof repairs, you’ll receive our guarantee that all materials we use are thoroughly tested and deemed to be of high quality by our team.

Siding Installation

Your home’s roof and siding work in tandem to protect the entire structure. If one is weakened, then the other cannot perform at its best. Most people, when it comes to roofing repair, only consider their roof. We here at Paradigm Roofing also focus on siding installation. We know how crucial siding can be to residential homes.

Our professional siding experts will visit your home in-person. We will inspect your current siding to determine weak points and areas where new siding would be ideal. Then, once you’re sure you want new siding installation, we will provide results. At Paradigm Roofing, like our roofing materials, we use high-quality siding for construction. Depending on your budget, your options may include metal siding, and fiber cement siding. Each one has its distinct advantages to consider. Give us a call today to schedule professional siding installation in Denton, TX!


Around nine out of ten homes go without proper ventilation. Why? Because most homeowners remain unaware that their attic ventilation provides a much-needed boost to the entire house. During the summer, adequate ventilation can reduce heat gain. During the winter, the ventilation system helps prevent heat loss. It is a win-win scenario, but it requires a little investment up front.

Here at Paradigm Roofing, we offer quality ventilation services that are sure to provide a necessary boost to your home’s overall efficiency. When it comes to attic ventilation, you have a few options to choose from. For instance, you can select from gable vents, turbine vents, ridge vents, and many others. Each one offers distinct advantages and an aesthetic appeal that homeowners are sure to enjoy.

If your home is currently going without proper ventilation, then perhaps this is the year you invest in your home’s longevity. Consider professional ventilation services from Paradigm Roofing!

Insulation Services

If you are interested in saving money and improving the overall energy efficiency of your home, look no further than professional insulation services. Far too many households go without proper insulation. Like attic ventilation, insulation can help reduce heat loss and gain, thereby improving your HVAC system’s efficiency.

If your home does not have proper insulation now, then consider the exceptional services we offer here at Paradigm Roofing. We are committed to providing your home with the best insulation solutions available. We offer an extensive line of insulation products, guaranteed to save money and energy in your home. During the installation process, our team goes to great lengths to ensure your home is covered appropriately with insulation where it makes sense. With professional insulation installation, you’ll enjoy a more relaxed home during the summer and a warmer one during the winter. You’ll pay less each month for your heating and cooling system, all the while enjoying a higher valued home.

If you need more information, feel free to call our Denton roofers at 972-542-7774, or contact us online for assistance.

About Denton TX

Denton is a city located in Denton County, Texas, with a population of more than 120,000. Considered a college town, Denton is the home to both the University of North Texas and Texas Woman’s University. Roughly 45,000 students make up the town. Our Denton roofing company proudly serves this budding community.

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