What is a Modified Bitumen Roof?

what is a modified bitumen roof

A modified bitumen system combines the benefits of built-up roofing and the easy application of single-ply systems. For added durability, bitumen is reinforced using polyester or fiberglass and is manufactured into rolls or sheets to make installation faster. One or multiple bitumen commercial roofing ply-systems are available.

The advantages of bitumen roofing include that it:

  • Is easy to repair

  • Is reliable and durable

  • Has superior waterproofing characteristics

  • Has high-tensile strength

  • Has a choice of application methods

  • Has a proven track record

Modified rubber bitumen is a frequently applied flat commercial roofing solution for anyone looking for an easily installed roof product. Essentially, it’s available in black rolls that overlap to form a tight barrier of protection. These rolls or sheets are modified with a polymer to give it a plastic or rubber quality. With modified bitumen installed, your building will be far less susceptible to water penetration.

Long-Lasting Results

Modified bitumen roofing surfaces are generally smooth. However, some products offered today come as granulated. The typical application is a low sloped commercial or residential roof. There are two placement methods, and the installation process is quite simple. The product can be applied using heat to melt the asphalt or by peeling and sticking.

Application Choices

Increased resistance to cold weather brittleness, increased elasticity, and effective flow resistance at higher temperatures makes bitumen a preferred roof for many. There are several surfacing options that include factory applied gravel or mineral. Also, a cool roof coating is often applied to reduce cooling costs. Surfaces can also be altered with colors to complement the structural design of the building.

Bitumen roofing products are a cost-effective answer for flat commercial roofs. Paradigm Roofing is a Plano roofer that can help you select the best roofing options. Whether you desire an asphalt, natural, or metal roofing solution, explore the possibilities by contacting our specialists at 972-542-7774 today.