Metal Roof Repair – How to Repair a Leaky Metal Roof

Metal Roof Repair - How to Repair a Leaky Metal Roof

Performing metal roof repair is a job best left to an experienced professional. It would be very easy for a novice to make a mistake that could lead to much more extensive – and costly – repairs down the road. Even worse, an untrained do-it-yourselfer could easily fall and suffer a devastating injury. But if you’re handy with tools and you have some experience, there are a few repairs you could probably take care of on your own. Here’s a step-by-step guide.

Metal Roof Repair in Four Steps

1. Check for any loose nails, pull them out and then hammer in new nails.

2. Next, look for any rust patches or holes. You can remove rust using either steel wool or a wire brush. You’ll need to use a metal primer on the affected area and then use a top-coat that matches the color of the rest of the roof. You should be able to find a matching metal spray paint color at your nearest hardware or auto parts store.

3. Look for any leaks and then seal them. One method is using roof cement made of urethane, which will protect your roof against the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Or you can use a waterproof membrane. If you use cement, take a putty knife and make sure you spread it over the damaged area as smoothly as possible.

4. Check the flashing and use roofing cement to seal all of the edges and seals.

It’s very important to note that if you have extensive damage, or if your flashing needs to be replaced or repaired, you’ll need to call a professional. The experts with Paradigm Roofing have a great deal of experience in metal roof repair, and will take care of your job in the most efficient manner possible. Contact us online or call 972-542-7774 to schedule an appointment.