Metal Roof Coatings for Energy Efficiency

Metal Roof Coatings for Energy Efficiency

Do you have a metal roof? Are hot summers baking your property and driving up energy costs for cooling? Dark-colored and rusted roofs cause a great deal of sunlight absorption, which can heat them to over fifty degrees hotter than lighter colored roofs. Metal roofs can wear and rust over time, losing their sunlight reflective properties. You can avoid replacing old, inefficient metal roofs and improve your energy efficiency by applying a metal roof coating.

What Is a Metal Roof Coating?

A metal roof coating is a liquid-based coating that can be applied to your current metal roof with a simple roller. Typically, the installation will include one or more coatings of primer over your current worn or rusted roof, followed by an application of a water and dirt proof compound, and finally the light-colored metal roof coating. In some cases, newer roofs do not require a primer, and many metal roof coatings now incorporate a waterproof compound, saving the trouble of applying different coats in the correct order.

Advantages of a Metal Roof Coating

A new metal roof coating will allow your roof to remain at far cooler temperatures, closer to ambient air temperature. Instead of heating up and putting a strain on your climate control system as it radiates heat downward, the roof will reflect much of the thermal energy from the sunlight away. This can save you money on costly air conditioning bills and increase the lifespan of your current cooling unit. An added benefit of a cooler roof is it will expand and contract less throughout the day near fasteners and seams, which will prolong the life of your roof.

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