What kind of maintenance does my wood roof require?

People have used cedar and redwood shakes – the most common types of wood roofing – for centuries, in one form or another. Back in the early days, roofers laid the wood materials over spaced lathing strips. Roofs made this way would last for generations. Cedar and redwood shakes will not completely decay without both moisture and moss or mildew infestations. These days, wood roofs need proper care and cleaning in order to reach their full lifespan.  Business owners should hire a professional roofing company to clean the roof properly. A thorough cleaning can last from six to eight years. Business owners can also remove debris from the roof and cut back overhanging trees in order to damage and potential rot. Finally, replacing any missing shakes will prevent UV-light from deteriorating the materials. If you’re unsure of how to complete such tasks, don’t hesitate to contact Paradigm Roofs!