Is Your Roof Ready for Winter?

November has already come and gone and the weather is definitely getting cooler. Is your roof ready for the harsh winter weather? Winter in Texas, though not as snowy as the northern states, can still wreak havoc on your roof! However, with you a few simple steps you can significantly decrease your odds of finding a damaged roof come spring.

Thorough Roof Check

Walk around your house to do a roof check. If you can safely do so, get up on top of your roof itself. Look for missing or damaged shingles. These gaps or cracks can allow ice and rain to seep down into your roof’s underlayment, causing major damage if gone unchecked. Make sure the edges of the roof around any penetrations, such as your chimney or skylights, are well sealed. These are the most common areas where roof leaks begin. Hiring a professional may be the smart choice if your roof has areas difficult to see or reach.

Trim Back the Trees

Check for any large branches that may be hanging above your roof. Ice buildup can increase the weight of these branches dramatically. This causes the icy branches to break off and come crashing down on your roof. Take extra care to check that dead trees aren’t dangerously hanging over your roof.

Unwanted Visitors

Make sure all access to the inside of your attic space is screened off. Small holes in the vents make excellent doors for all sorts of vermin to find a nice warm place to make a den.

Attic Insulation

Make sure you have a properly insulated attic. This tip in getting your roof ready for winter will prevent ice dams from growing along your gutters. It also will cut down your utility bill by making your HVAC system more efficient.

Clean Gutters

Cleaning your gutters is a good thing to do year-round, as they can collect debris and keep moisture close to your house and roof. During the winter, these debris collections dam the draining water and runoff, which in turn freezes and can add significant stress to your gutter mounts. The weight can actually rip them down if not immediately addressed.

If you are getting your roof ready for winter and have any questions, don’t hesitate to call Paradigm Roofing at 972-542-7774, and enjoy your holiday without the worry of roof damage.