Install a Standing Seam Roof for a Commercial Property

Install a Standing Seam Roof

Install a Standing Seam Roof for a Commercial PropertyWhen it comes to choosing commercial roofing for a building, it must be able to adhere to the tight budgets most businesses. One way to do this is to find a roof that will stand the test of time, and may not need to be replaced for decades. This is not an impossible dream, if you opt for a metal roof. Here at Paradigm Roofing, we are a roofing company in McKinney that installs a variety of roofs, including metal roofs.

A standing seam roof is one metal roof design. It consists of tightly locked panels that are waterproof and fireproof. How the pieces are connected differentiate the three types of standing seam metal roofs. If the panels are attached to each other on the job site with a specially made tool, they are known as field locking. Some standing seam components are attached by snapping them to the next panel. These are, not-surprisingly, called snap locking. Some roofs have the look of standing seams but consist of separate panels that are not interlocked. These are shingle-based panels and not true standing seam metal roofs.

If you elect to have a metal roof installed, understand that becomes very cost effective over time. Required repairs for this type of roof are minimal, especially compared to other roofing materials, and it will last much longer. If you own a commercial building, the last thing you want to worry about are problems with the roof. By choosing a long-lasting, metal roof that will withstand water, fire and severe weather, you will never have to concern yourself with the roof over your commercial building.

To have a new roof or replacement roof added to your commercial building, let us know. We provide standing seam roof installation in McKinney. For questions or estimates, give us a call at Paradigm Roofing at 972-542-7774.