How to Stay Safe on Your Roof

how to stay safe on your roof

When you are going up on your roof, safety is paramount. Hundreds of Americans are seriously injured each year from falling off their roofs. Many of these injuries would have been preventable had the individual taken the proper steps. Follow these quick easy steps to stay safe on your roof.

Wear The Right Clothing

When you are going up on your roof, wear clothing that is not exceedingly loose or that could become tangled. Wear footwear with adequate grip so you do not slide. The most ideal footwear would be no-slip work boots or shoes that have extra grip on the soles.

Get a Safe Ladder

Before you go on your roof, do a thorough check on your ladder. Make sure it is in good condition and the bottom grip is intact and working properly. It is best if you have a ladder with roof anchors so that it cannot accidentally fall backwards while you are transitioning off the roof. When you place your ladder up against your roof, make sure you have at least three feet of clearance above the roof. If your ladder does not have such a clearance, you need to purchase a taller ladder.

DIY Only During Good Weather

Do not go on your roof if it has been raining or you suspect there may be ice. When the shingles become wet, the texture of your roof can completely change. It may be exceedingly difficult for you to safely walk on the roof. If you have a roofing emergency that needs immediate care but it is raining, call a professional roofing company. Professionals will have the harnesses and other tools that create a much safer work environment. Nothing is more important than your safety!

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