How to Save Money and Time Maintaining Your Commercial Metal Roof System

How to Save Money and Time Maintaining Your Commercial Metal Roof System

Commercial metal roofs have a lot of advantages. They’re safe, durable, and energy efficient. With proper care, a cared-for metal roof system should be able to last for 40 to 70 years. In order for it to last that long, you should have regular  inspections to ensure that it’s performing at an optimal level.

Tips and Tricks

Keeping your roof clean and free of tree debris is arguably the number one way to make it last longer. However, there are a few other ways to maintain your commercial metal roof system.

  • Inspect your roof once a year – Reseal as necessary all roof penetrations and check for storm damage.
  • Clean your gutters – Your gutters can hold moisture, debris, and sometimes even small animals, so clean them out every spring and fall.
  • Re-coat corroded surfaces – Over time some of your roof’s surfaces will corrode, causing roof discoloration, decay, and even holes.

Proper Commercial Metal Roof Inspection

The fundamental thing to know about maintaining any  type of roof, especially a commercial metal roof, is inspections. The more you check your roof, the quicker you’ll find damages and the quicker you’ll be able to repair them before further damage occurs.

A proper metal roof inspection should include checking…

  • Roof edges and walls – Checking for corrosion and other metal-related damages.
  • Roof membrane seams – Checking for anything that may need to be resealed.
  • Roof drainage points – Checking for leaks and other holes.

Taking care of all three of these things will ensure a longer lasting, fully-functioning commercial metal roof system.

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