How To Make Your Roof More Energy Efficient

How To Make Your Roof More Energy Efficient

As temperatures start heating up, Texans start cranking up their AC units. There is always the dread of getting a monstrous energy bill each month. There are things you can do to minimize your energy usage and put money back in your pocket. Giving your roof  an update can reduce your energy bill and also has the added benefit of cooling your home. There are two main areas in which you need to look at to improve your overall energy efficiency: Your roof and ventilation system.

Change Your Roofing Material

Reducing the temperature of your roof by 50 degrees sounds almost impossible, but with changing the material of your roof can make all the difference. Some types of roofing stays much cooler than others. Choosing metal roofing, stone covered metal shingles, and tile roofing are common materials that increase energy efficiency and reflect sunlight, keeping the home a much more comfortable temperature. When choosing a material, keep in mind that the color, glossiness, and overall texture can affect the cooling effect it provides.

Ensure Proper Ventilation

Not many people consider the ventilation as a part of keeping your home cool. It seems counterintuitive to let more air in your home from the outside to keep in cool on the inside. But keeping your attic ventilated is not only important for the temperature aspect of your home, but also extends the life of your roof. Proper ventilation allows cool air to be cycled in while hot moist air is forced out. This ensures that your home stays at the perfect temperature all summer long.

With these methods, you can cool your home and also extend the life of your roof. The professionals at Paradigm Roofing would be happy to assist you in making your roof more energy efficient. Call 972-542-7774. Our roofing professionals are happy to answer your questions or concerns.